To help Cynthia’s daughters, Miranda (age 4) and Julia (age 3) understand how special their mother was, we are collecting letters and memories from Cynthia’s large circle of friends and admirers. These memories will be compiled in a beautiful keepsake fashion so that Scott can share them with the girls whenever he thinks it appropriate. In this way, as they grow older, the girls will understand how many people knew and loved their beautiful mother and hopefully form a clear picture of a woman who died when they were too young to have formed permanent memories.For those of you who are attending the memorial service on January 6th, we will have a box to collect all letters and memories. We suggest that the letters be addressed to Miranda and Julia and be written on single-sided paper. These letters can be as long or as brief as you wish. As these are letters the girls will read years from now, we encourage you to provide specific stories and anecdotes that illustrate and convey who Cynthia was. The little things that people remember about Cynthia will be very important to her daughters someday. And please feel free to include photographs or other memorabilia. We will incorporate them in the final memory keepsake as well.

For those of you unable to attend the memorial service, you may still contribute to this gift for Miranda and Julia by sending us your letters, memories and photographs by regular mail or email. We ask that you provide us your memories by January 31st at the very latest. Our contact information is below. Please feel free to contact any of us and also please feel free to circulate this email to others we may have missed.


Donna Crane, Shannan Higgins, Sarah Craven, Susan Cohen

Shannan Higgins

1725 Hobart Street NW

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 986-3334

(202) 401-6285 (wk)

Email: shannan.higgins@ed.gov <mailto:shannan.higgins@ed.gov> Sarah Craven/Susan Cohen6615 81st StreetCabin John, Maryland 20818(301) 320-0743 Email: Scraven@ccmc.org  Donna Crane 3601 Connecticut Avenue, NW #209

Washington, D.C. 20008 (202) 537-3498DCrane@prochoiceamerica.org 


— Franny Peale Letter

 Naira Darius Letter

Kristen Jordan Letter



  1. Danene Sorace said,


    I served on the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association’s board of directors with your mom Cynthia. Earlier this month we had our first meeting without Cynthia and she was very much missed.

    I didn’t know your mom very well but she made a big impression on me the first time we met. I had seen her name and read her work for a number of years and on paper, alone, she was impressive. A gifted writer, your mom was able to “boil down” the most complex issues about reproductive health and sexuality, and remind us all how important our work is in improving the lives of women and families.

    When we finally met in person at a board meeting in Washington, I remember thinking, wow! she is even more impressive in person. Very smart. Not only was she able to write about these issues, she was able to talk about them with the same poise and polish. And her passion for her work was unmistakable.

    One other thing I remember admiring about your mom — her great taste in jewelry! She always had on really interesting jewelry that I thought was beautiful.

    I hope that you both, though it is likely we will never meet, will find passion and purpose in your work just like your mom.

    Peace to you all,

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  3. Miranda said,

    My mom sounds like a fantastic person. I can tell that you all cared very much about her. I think of her a lot, about what I can remember. I mostly remember when we were at my aunt’s wedding, and my sister and I would scream and cry because she was a brides made and we were the flower girls, so we couldn’t see her a lot during the wedding. We pretty much ruined the whole wedding because of that.

    Thanks for the letters, I really appreciate it.

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