PHOTO GALLERY- Cynthia Dailard 1968-2006

Cynthia Dailard 1968-2006 

Click on each picture below for a full screen view.    r8-1a.jpg    Cythia with Lori Wachs- Aug 2006p1010031_1.jpgr7-26a.jpgimg_0116.jpg


 cynthia-with-dan-and-lori.jpg     r3-37.jpg


                     mirandacyn.jpg  img_0026.jpg




  1. Jason Zickerman said,

    I was not very close to Cythia, but in high school we were very friendly. I have always regarded Cythia as someone who was extremely warm, sensitive, brilliant and caring to everyone around her. I feel blessed that I had time to catch up with her at our 20th high school reunion. I enjoyed how positive she was and I mostly remember how proudly she spoke of Miranda and Julia. As she spoke about them her smile lit up the room.

    Miranda And Julia:
    Although the loss of your mommy is tragic, please always remember that your Mom is part of you. Your mommy was an exceptional woman, and I am confident that the two of you will be as well. If you live by the values and principals your mom did, you too will make a difference in this world.

    With great sadness,
    Jason Zickerman

  2. Ira Peskowitz said,

    During my Jr. High and Sr. High
    Your presence made me high
    During my awaken hour and sadden dreams
    Your lack of presence made me cry
    During my imature Sr. year when I was cold
    You always offered a hand for me to hold
    During an occasion when I fell
    You always blinded the path to hell
    During my calls to you all hours of the night
    You always gave me sanctuary to fight
    During my drifting
    You always brought me back to shore
    During my path of life
    You have always made me sure

    During our life’s we have separated on different tracks
    But when those tracks come to an end we will always be friends

    I truly miss you and I always wanted to share my success of life with you as I’m sure I would have made you proud

    Ira Peskowitz

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